Top Ten 4th of July Books for Your In-Home Daycare

Preschool children are always eager to learn about the world around them. Flags, fireworks and parades are symbols of happy times to young children, and provide the perfect opportunity to explain the meaning of patriotism to your preschool classroom. Allow your story time to carry over into your art class by making Fourth of July firework poppers, flags and hats from construction paper, glitter, buttons, etc. Make this holiday a special one for your preschool classroom.
1. Fourth of July Mice! By Bethany Roberts, Doug Cushman
The mice family is celebrating America's Independence. They enjoy a parade, sack races, and a delicious picnic of crunchy sunflower seeds and cheese. Later in the evening they enjoy sparklers and a mesmerizing fireworks display. This is a wonderful story that will delight children of all ages.
2. The Fourth of July Story by Alice Dalgliesh
When the thirteen colonies unite they choose Thomas Jefferson to write the Declaration of Independence, and carry the news of Independence across the colonial settlements.
3. I pledge Allegiance by Bill Martin and Michael Sampson
This wonderful books explains the Pledge if Allegiance in terms that event he youngest child can understand. This is the perfect book for children ages 3-6.
4. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
This famous poem recreates Paul Revere's famous midnight ride in 1775. You can find many colorful and beautifully illustrated adaptions in your local bookstore or library.
5. Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers by Karen Winnick
This is the true story of Grace Bedell, an eleven-year-old girl who suggested to Abraham Lincoln that growing a beard might enhance his chances for winning the 1860 presidential election.
6. A Picture Book of George Washington by David Adler
This colorful and wonderfully illustrated picture book gives an accurate account of the life of the "Father of Our Country" for young readers.
7. Red, White and Blue! The Story of the American Flag, by John Herman
From the Revolutionary War to a bold walk on the moon the American flag has been a part of it all. This book gives factual information about the flag, but still manages to make it fun and interesting for young children.
8. Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller
What happens when the states become unhappy with their current positions on the map and decide to trade places? This book makes learning geography fun!
9. Hats Off for the Fourth of July by Harriet Ceifert
Your preschoolers will enjoy this story of a small town parade complete with cowboys, the local baseball team, and even fire engines. This is the perfect book for ages 3-6.
10. Capital! Washington D.C. From A to Z by Laura Krauss Melmed
This book uses the alphabet in a rhyming text along with colorful illustrations to present the sights of Washington D.C. To young children.


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